Tairawhiti Museum and Art Gallery
Rich in Gisborne, East Coast history
Rich in Gisborne, East Coast history Poverty Bay - taonga maori
Tairawhiti Museum and Art Gallery Rich in Gisborne, East Coast history

Poverty Bay - taonga maori



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The Tairawhiti Museum employs Education Officers   and 

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The Tairawhiti Museum offers unique learning experiences that complement and enrich the learning that students experience in the classroom setting. We offer alternative approaches to achieving curriculum requirements. The Ministry of Education contracts the Tairawhiti Museum to provide Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom (L.E.O.T.C.) for primary, intermediate and secondary schools in the Tairwahiti (East Coast region). This area spans East Cape in the north to Kotemaori in the south.


At the museum the classes, depending on kaupapa (topic), are delivered in the gallery that is specific to the kaupapa or context. One example is The Price of Citizenship exhibition where memorabilia of soldiers and their families from the Second World War is used to explore the C Company Army Division of the 28th Maori Battalion.

W. Lysnar Centre

Winifred Lysnar Discovery Centre  is usually the ‘kids’ space where most learning activities take place.This is an interactive area where youth-based exhibitions are displayed.



The museum has an extensive archival area where teachers and small groups of students can undertake research. We have a wealth of written, photographic, and oral historical information. You will need to make an appointment to use this area.


We would appreciate notice of a cancellation as soon as possible before the expected visit. If you need to cancel please do so at least one week before your visit.


In addition to programmes at the museum, we also provide an outreach service. We have a specially designed van - Discovery, that is equipped to carry artefacts to schools and various venues.

The Discovery Van

The name Discoveryencompasses students being discoverers of their own history, taonga (treasures/artefacts), and region.



Lessons are varied and readily available, but classes must be pre-booked to enable us to cater for all needs. We can adapt lessons to all age groups and are able to produce new lessons to meet your specific curriculum requirements. All programmes can be delivered in either te reo Mâori or English. Please advise us of any special learning or physical needs.
It is museum policy that all classes have a teacher, on and off site, present at all times – no exceptions