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Rich in Gisborne, East Coast history
Rich in Gisborne, East Coast history Poverty Bay - taonga maori
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Rich in Gisborne, East Coast history

Poverty Bay - taonga maori


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                 Dredge Wheel
                 General Collection Items
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                 Adrian Cave
                 Brian Campbell
                 Daryl File
                 Doreen Costello
                 Eric Gully
                 Fine Arts
                 Juliet Bowen
                 Penny Ormerod
                 Peter Ireland
                 Phyllis Underdown
                 Sandy Adsett
                 Stanley Bugden
                 Steve Gibbs
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                 Not Just Black & White
                 Not Just Black & White Gallery
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                      Cook Landing Site
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                      Cooper House
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                      Gladstone Road
                      Gladstone Road Bridge
                      Manutuke School Speeches
                      Ormond Hotel
                      Sponge Bay
                      Takipu Marae
                      Te Arai
                      Te Karaka
                      Tea Time
                      Times A Changin' Gallery
                      Times A Changin' Gallery 2
                      Tolaga Bay Inn
                      Wainui Homes
                      Waipiro Bay
                      Waipiro Bay Store
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                 1920s Evening Dress
                 1920s Flapper Dress
                 1920s Pyjamas
                 1930s Evening Coat
                 1930s EveningCoat 360
                 1930s Newspaper Article
                 1930s Wedding Gown
                 1940s Evening Gown
                 1940s Evening Gown and Jacket
                 1940s Nurses Cape
                 1940s Wedding Gown
                 1950s Dress
                 1950s Lace Dress
                 1950s Silk Dress
                 1950s Wedding Gown
                 1960s Cape
                 1960s Evening Dresses
                 1960s Shift Dress
                 1960s Trousers And Blouse
                 About The Curator
                 Adair Bros'
                 Dresses for Special Occasions

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